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Tell One, Tell One Thousand

Choosing the right content and the right media for the right audience is crucial for clocking up the hits.

I wanted to do an experiment.  A local newspaper sent me to photograph a charity head shave in a parish centre.  The volunteer for the head shave, a 16 year old transition year student.  A facebooker.  Not a buyer of the local newspaper.  That was the parents.

So, how to appeal to the 16 year old audience?

With a slideshow.

Send in 3 or 4 pics to the local newspaper, and most likely they use a before and after pic of her head with hair and then bald, and that’s it.

I shot what I needed for the local newspaper, and just kept shooting.

I made a 1 minute 15 second slideshow and uploaded to Youtube.

I told the girl’s mother about it, and she told the girl, and the girl posted it on facebook.

1,500 views in the first 21 hours.  And now it’s gone well passed 200,000.

I told one.  She told thousands.

The Dynamic Canvas

If Leonardo da Vinci was alive today, would he be a coder?   The digital canvas is dynamic, fluid.  Nothing is fixed in place.  It is a canvas where the paint never dries.

To express your creativity you need a tool and a canvas.
  The tool can be a pencil, a paintbrush, software.

The canvas can be a blank page, an egg, a computer screen.

Once you draw on a page or colour an egg, that’s it. 
  The paint is dry and you are stuck with it.   But the computer screen, laptop, or smartphone is a dynamic canvas.

Change code.  Change everything.

The paint never dries on the dynamic canvas.