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How Do You Like Your Eggs?

I like my eggs like this –


Read below to find out how to do it.


Background-  My girlfriend hails from Maramures, in northernmost Transilvania, in northernmost Romania.  This is how they do eggs there.  For Easter.

How to do it-  Find about twenty pale eggs.   At least twenty.   Anything less and it’s not worth the effort to do it.   They will also be eaten so fast that you will always wish you had more.

Next, start hoarding the skins from red onions, because that’s your natural source of dye.

Then start picking leaves from various herb plants.   You want a variety of leaf styles because you want a variety of leaf prints on the eggs.

Then go find a beautiful dame, and woo her.   Ask: “How do you like your eggs?”

If you have not been rejected by this stage ask for a pair of her old stockings.   Then take a scissors and cut the stockings into 10cm x 10cm squares.

One by one…  Place a herb leaf on an egg.   Place a square of stocking over that.  Pull the corners of the square to the opposite side of the egg, and ask Beautiful Dame to please tie a knot around the corners with thread, so the egg and leaf are wrapped like a parcel.

Repeat this process until all the eggs are done.   Place the red onion skins and parceled eggs in a pot of water and boil for 30 minutes or more, depending on how dark you want the eggs.   We boiled our eggs for 1 hour to achieve the vivid Shroud of Turin print quality you see on the examples displayed above.