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Heavy Metal

Gold, silver, and bronze.  Not Olympic medals.  I’m talking about wedding photography.

More exactly, the ‘Gold Package’, the ‘Silver Package’, and, you guessed it, the ‘Bronze Package’ (for cheapskates).

Any wedding photographer who markets their packages in these terms is an unimaginative sheep, just following what countless other unoriginal wedding photographers have done.

Alarm bells ring when I see this ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’, and ‘Bronze’ format.

Why?  Because it shows a lack of imagination and creativity.  And that’s the last thing you want in the photographer capturing your wedding day.

Here’s the only bit of innovation you see from ‘heavy metal’ wedding photographers-  every now and then one of them includes a ‘Platinum Package’ (= more expensive than ‘Gold’).

Under what circumstances is it okay for a heavy metal wedding photographer to get away with this corny phrasing?

– If the wedding album cover is actually made of gold, silver or bronze.

To Write With Light

It all started for me when my father put a Box Brownie into my hands.  After I learned to walk, and before I could ride a bike.

I took photos before I could ride a bike.  Even before my first day of school.

And because it was a Box Brownie, I started out not looking through a lens like on an SLR, but looking down through a glass prism- the viewfinder in this classic old style camera.

Just a step away from the bellows camera used by photographers in cowboy movies about the Wild West.


After school I went to college and learned theory-

photography definition

Tell One, Tell One Thousand

Choosing the right content and the right media for the right audience is crucial for clocking up the hits.

I wanted to do an experiment.  A local newspaper sent me to photograph a charity head shave in a parish centre.  The volunteer for the head shave, a 16 year old transition year student.  A facebooker.  Not a buyer of the local newspaper.  That was the parents.

So, how to appeal to the 16 year old audience?

With a slideshow.

Send in 3 or 4 pics to the local newspaper, and most likely they use a before and after pic of her head with hair and then bald, and that’s it.

I shot what I needed for the local newspaper, and just kept shooting.

I made a 1 minute 15 second slideshow and uploaded to Youtube.

I told the girl’s mother about it, and she told the girl, and the girl posted it on facebook.

1,500 views in the first 21 hours.  And now it’s gone well passed 200,000.

I told one.  She told thousands.